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At Machin Design Builders, we have been building extraordinary custom and semi-custom homes for over 35 years, with over 20 years in Palm Coast. As a result, we have an unparalleled understanding of what it takes in terms of time, money, integrity, patience and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Few builders have built homes in Palm Coast for as long as Michael Machin and team. Having lived through idyllic winters that we hoped would never end, searing hot summers that we could not wait to see the end of, tropical storms, and other weather conditions, we understand the challenges of building luxury homes in this particular part of Florida.

Using state-of-the-art materials, superior construction techniques and unrivaled attention to detail, we build every Machin home to withstand extreme heat, intense humidity, severe weather, unwanted pests and adorable but high-energy grandchildren. The fact that so many top Realtors® highlight Machin homes in their listings is testament to our commitment to quality, beauty and resale value.

In the custom home business, there will always be someone who says they can do it faster and cheaper. That may be possible, but in our experience, it is not prudent. If you share our belief that quality and excellence take time, and that if you do things right the first time, they actually cost less, we would love to work with you.

Custom Homes

A luxurious Machin home is a sanctuary, a legacy, and an investment. Working closely with you, Michael Machin, award-winning custom home designer and builder, Gary Gourley, construction manager, and Janet Arnstein, interior designer, will create a custom home that perfectly fits your family’s unique...

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Semi-Custom Homes

A Machin semi-custom home offers Michael Machin’s award-winning designs, customized to meet your family’s unique needs, with a shorter build time. Drawings are conceptual only and are for the convenience of reference.

They should not be...

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Interior Design

Whether our clients are building a custom home, semi-custom home or renovating an existing home, the interior design process is one of the most exciting and creatively satisfying aspects of the project.

Janet Arnstein, our in-house interior designer, will work closely with you...

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Pools by Machin

Like a cool blue sapphire or a dazzling aquamarine, a swimming pool is a thing of beauty forever, as long as it is built according to Machin standards. When you are building a custom home luxury home, you will want a swimming pool that’s beautiful and fits your lifestyle perfectly...

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